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A breakdown of 2021 and a look at the 2022 optical forecast

As we begin the new year, we review consumer behavior, how people shopped for eyewear, what our customers bought, and brands, colors and frames shapes they loved in 2021.

We cover the most popular styles of the past year, the overall trends that defined our industry, and delve into the styles and trends that we are excited to see in 2022.

2021 purchasing highlights

2021 best selling styles, colors, and brands.

Everyone loves Ray-Ban and Oakley.

Ray-Ban continues to be one of the most beloved and popular glasses brands around the world. Ray-Ban offers the finest quality, but also guarantees its wearer the cool style the brand is renowned for. Ray-Ban will always be synonymous with style, and their frames have secured a rightful place in history. The states that bought the most Ray-Ban styles in 2021 were California, Massachusetts, Texas, Florida, Colorado, and Arizona.  

Oakley also continued to be a top selling brand in 2021, due to their excellent quality. The brand is an especially popular choice for athletes and people looking for eyewear to wear when participating in sports activities. The states that bought the most Oakleys in 2021 were Texas, Florida, Ohio, Colorado, Kansas, and Iowa. 

Frame trends and styles that we are most excited to see in 2022

Here at, we are already looking forward to learning more and witnessing the emerging trends that will shake up the industry next year. We look forward to seeing firsthand what styles and brands experience rapid growth and demand, and we are excited to be along for the ride.